Fabrication & Welding

As with all of Concept Yachts’ contractor divisions, we strive to source and supply the very best skills in the industry.


With the ‘Concept Fabrication’ department, this is no different. Over the last year, we have put in place a dedicated team to build on our company’s existing reputation by supplying, at short notice, teams of skilled welders and fabricators to the marine and commercial industries.

Whether it’s a corrosive repair to your steel or aluminium vessel or stainless specialists to create beautiful works of art for superyachts, our teams are always on hand to support your project.

We are fully qualified and skilled in using several welding processes for aluminiumwelding, steel welding and mild steel welding.

Our Services Include

MMIG metal inert gas

TIG Tungsten inert gas

MMA Manual metal arc welding

GSMAW Gas metal arc welding